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Main Page : Website Guidelines in the Nova Scotia Business Directory Search Engine

All listings must be of English Language, and spelling must be entirely accurate.
Ascii art , multiple dashes or asterix, and unneccesary spacing in website titles are not permitted,
All accounts first and last name must match the credit card holders name.
All listings must contain an accurate description about the website or content.
You must be the sole owner of the website, and not the owner of a page on someone elses website.
Our website was developed and rated "G" for ALL ages to access and use.
Sexual, erotic, vulgar, promote violence, or similar, in either a graphic, verbal, audio, video, or text, will not be permitted.
Popup ad website links will not be allowed.
Your website must link to a web page, and not a graphic, example: .mpg, .avi., .txt, pdf.
Website Link must link to a result, and not a search engine result of another search engine.
We reserve the right to remove ANY link or ANY keyword at ANY time if we feel there is non-relevant results.
Page must contain content, and not simply be a signup page for a particular product or service.
If we get a trademark complaint from a trademark owner whom produces us enough information (Drivers licence verification, with trademark references, from the owner him/herself) that you are using his/her trademark, we reserve the right to have the link or listing removed or banned permanently.

We reserve the right to disable any account at any time if we feel there is abuse or misuse of our website, or keyword purchases / website listings at any time.

Non Permitted websites:
Online Gambling, Illegal Substances, drugs, paraphanelia, or FDA-banned drugs and supplements like Ephedra. etc. will not be permitted to advertise.
Illegal Appz, Apps, Warez, wares, cracks, hacks, Hackz,Descrambler Codes/Hacks/Boxes, Passwords, style websites etc, will not be allowed.
Sites that sell cracked or pirated software, or promote the cracking or pirating of software or illegal hardware are not permitted.
Fake Identification, Diplomas, Degrees, Drivers liscences, etc. even websites include a disclaimer such as "Novelty Items Only" or "Fake" or "Void" etc. are not permitted.
We have zero tolerance for Racist, Hatred or Slander style websites and if anyone reports any to us we will gladly remove them as quickly as possible.
Some domain names expire, and unfortunately point to new or different style websites, if we find forwarding urls we will also remove the website link.

Link Titles - Text that appears as your links within the directory.

Examples of Does and Don'ts:

Title: Worlds Best Hotel in the World
Correct: Title: HotelName Hotel , Best hotel in Calgary.

Wrong: Title: Bed and Breakfast
Correct: Title: Bed and Breakfast situatuated in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada.
Also Correct: Title: Best Bed and Breakfast in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Wrong: Title: Horses
Title: Online Horse Gambling

Wrong: Title: Cheapest Shoes
Also Wrong:
Title: Shoes
Title: Cheap Shoes in Toronto Canada.

There is a no refund policy for website listings or banners that have appeared as "Live".

We reserve the right to update / upgrade / change or modify these guidelines at any time. We will be implementing more and more upgrades, and these guidelines will change. Feel free to bookmark this page and review any new updates regarding our listing guidelines.

We look forward to drawing visitors worldwide to your website, we want this website to be relevant, and make our viewers feel comfortable when searching through link listings.


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